Benefits for postdocs in the FAS vary according to your employment type. 

In general, to participate in Harvard’s benefits, you must be:

  * Employed on a regular University payrollBenefits
  * Receiving a paycheck from Harvard, and
  * Working at least 17.5 hours/week or paid at a base annual rate of at least $15,000

Harvard Benefits-Eligible Postdocs and Research Associates: 

Employee Postdocs who are funded by a Principal Investigator and are on Harvard payroll.

Stipendee Postdocs in CCB, MCB, OEB, Psychology, CBS, FAS Center for Systems Biology, or HSCRB, who have been awarded an individual fellowship and receive their stipend through Harvard.

Research Associates, who are funded by a Principal Investigator or on their own grants.

The benefits available to this group are listed in the table available here and in this summary chart from the Benefits Office.

Harvard Benefits-Ineligible

Stipendee Postdocs not in CCB, MCB, OEB, Psychology, CBS, FAS Center for Systems Biology, or HSCRB, who have been awarded an individual fellowship and receive their stipend through Harvard.

External Postdocs who are paid directly by an outside institution, agency, or government, and do not get any funding from Harvard.

These postdocs have access to either of the following health insurance plans:

Harvard University Health Program for Postdoc Affiliates
Mass Health Connector for MA residents

Additional information on these Health Insurance plans are available on the Harvard International Office website.

Additional help for navigating the Mass Health Connector can also be found at the Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee (In particular, Tina Alu, Associate Director).

To determine whether you are “benefits-eligible,” contact your department administrator, or call the Benefits Office directly at 617-496-4001.

Please note that all benefits-eligible individuals must sign up for benefits within the first thirty (30) days of employment. The Benefits Office in Cambridge will send the individual information regarding benefit plans. It is the responsibility of the individual postdoc to ensure that he/she is enrolled in any benefit plans before the 30-day enrollment period ends.

For additional information, please the Benefits Office directly:

114 Mt. Auburn Street, 4th floor
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: 617-496-4001, Fax: 617-496-3000